Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Packing Time

"It's packing time!" That's the latest line you'll most probably hear often in the Bruan houshold. I will be leaving for the US on February 22 and we have a couple of weeks to pack all the stuff I want to bring and the stuff that my hubby and son should ship before they follow me in a few months. Plus the stuff that needs to be given away or sent to my parent's and in-law's house. We have to do this while I'm still here or else hubby will send all our stuff to in-law's house hehehe.

It'll be a very busy month for us, I know. And scrapping won't be done until I get to the US. :( I have packed my scrapping stuff already... 1 box with a weight almost 2x the allowed baggage limit of the airline. Now, that's a huge problem! I have to sort out what's coming with me and what's going to be shipped before hubby asks me to leave them here...

See you again sometime...

On February 5, 2008, I bade my office friends goodbye... Deltek has been my second home for the last five years and the people I worked with I have considered family for half a decade.

It was my last day at work. Being an emotional person, I had to psych myself a couple of weeks to fight back tears. I resigned from work because I will be leaving the country soon. I promised myself I won't let tears fall on my last day - I want to remember only happy faces and sweet smiles.

I will surely miss everyone at the office especially my friends. But as I said in the farewell note I sent them... "this isn't goodbye... it's just see you again sometime..."