Sunday, December 30, 2007


A few months back, I promised some friends that I would share some of the layouts I have made (not necessary completed ;)). Some of these are not 100% complete becuase some doesn't have journalling yet. I won't be able to list down the materials I used because I was not able to write them down when I made these los. Here goes...

Details of some of the layouts:

The "Congrats" LO was a gift for my sister when she graduated from college in March 2007.

"Two-gether" was a page I made to celebrate my relationship with my hubby... I used the qoute from the very first birthday card he gave me in Dec 1996... "I hope you feel as good about our relationship as I do. It just seems to get better all the time... When we first got together, I knew we hat the makings of something special... and the more we get to know each other, the more I'm sure of it. You have the kind of personality that I really enjoy... the kind of sensitivity that I appreciate so much. We seem to be headed in a happy direction and I'm hoping that we just keep growing closer."

For the Handzzzzz lo, I used my son's hand as stamp. I wiped a generous amount of paint on his hands and asked him to just place them on the cs. What I remember from this lo is that my son actually enjoyed doing this and from then on, he wants to join me whenever I do some scrapbooking. I guess this lo kicked-off his enthusiasm and bacame my scrapbooking buddy.

The lo with the W was actually a re-arranged/re-designed lo of the very first layout I did during the 2-hour seminar with Master Iris Uy... the seminar that "started it all"! I did not throw anything from the original lo, I just re-arranged the pictures and added more embellies. The cs was given by Iris so I have something to brag to friends that I have something from THE Master hehehe...

There you go... I hope you had fun viewing my scrap pages...

US Trip Layouts

My first out of the country trip was in January of 2007 and it was about that time when I started making 12x12 layouts. You can say that it was the perfect timing. So I kept all "scraps" that I can take hold of... tickets, labels, maps, flyers, stubs, even luggage tags and boarding passes. But the greatest "things" that I took home with me were memories preserved in beautiful (?) photos. These also left me a big challenge to give "justice" to these photos by making layouts that will further preserve the memories.

Here are some of the layouts I made.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

SE-PS Joint Christmas Party

I had a great time at the first Scrapbooks Exchange - Pinoy Scrapbookers joint christmas party. There was a long table of delicious food, loads of raffle goodies, fun games and all the stores were there so, SCRAP SHOPPING! I only wish I had endless supply of mulah so I can buy all the stamps, flowers and my dream Endless Love alpha dies... Oh, all those eye candies! I was able to buy just a few since I promised myself before going to the party that I would only spend a little and not damage my wallet too much.

Here's what I got from the raffle (overlay) and the exchange gift (UHU, bottle of buttons and fabric from Jeannie)

and the contents of my shopping basket...

It's my first EB with the members of SE but most of them I met already at the Scrappin' Moms Scrapfest. There I met the very creative Candy Lagazon and Rachelle Tolentino. They were our seatmates. And then there was Liaa whom we had a short cab ride with. (Thanks for the wonderful company ladies!)

I came to the party with my little boy Wax who, I felt, had a great time too. He was my shopping partner :D and I can see that he will be my future scrapping buddy too. He chose the frog papers I got from Mitch of Visual Creations and asked me to by the corner punch from Jane of Rekindled Moments.

It was too bad we had to go ahead of the others (and missed to group photo-op). Wax wanted to leave and see his daddy who as Wax puts it "is already waiting for us at home". I hope to attend another party or EB soon!