Sunday, December 30, 2007


A few months back, I promised some friends that I would share some of the layouts I have made (not necessary completed ;)). Some of these are not 100% complete becuase some doesn't have journalling yet. I won't be able to list down the materials I used because I was not able to write them down when I made these los. Here goes...

Details of some of the layouts:

The "Congrats" LO was a gift for my sister when she graduated from college in March 2007.

"Two-gether" was a page I made to celebrate my relationship with my hubby... I used the qoute from the very first birthday card he gave me in Dec 1996... "I hope you feel as good about our relationship as I do. It just seems to get better all the time... When we first got together, I knew we hat the makings of something special... and the more we get to know each other, the more I'm sure of it. You have the kind of personality that I really enjoy... the kind of sensitivity that I appreciate so much. We seem to be headed in a happy direction and I'm hoping that we just keep growing closer."

For the Handzzzzz lo, I used my son's hand as stamp. I wiped a generous amount of paint on his hands and asked him to just place them on the cs. What I remember from this lo is that my son actually enjoyed doing this and from then on, he wants to join me whenever I do some scrapbooking. I guess this lo kicked-off his enthusiasm and bacame my scrapbooking buddy.

The lo with the W was actually a re-arranged/re-designed lo of the very first layout I did during the 2-hour seminar with Master Iris Uy... the seminar that "started it all"! I did not throw anything from the original lo, I just re-arranged the pictures and added more embellies. The cs was given by Iris so I have something to brag to friends that I have something from THE Master hehehe...

There you go... I hope you had fun viewing my scrap pages...

US Trip Layouts

My first out of the country trip was in January of 2007 and it was about that time when I started making 12x12 layouts. You can say that it was the perfect timing. So I kept all "scraps" that I can take hold of... tickets, labels, maps, flyers, stubs, even luggage tags and boarding passes. But the greatest "things" that I took home with me were memories preserved in beautiful (?) photos. These also left me a big challenge to give "justice" to these photos by making layouts that will further preserve the memories.

Here are some of the layouts I made.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

SE-PS Joint Christmas Party

I had a great time at the first Scrapbooks Exchange - Pinoy Scrapbookers joint christmas party. There was a long table of delicious food, loads of raffle goodies, fun games and all the stores were there so, SCRAP SHOPPING! I only wish I had endless supply of mulah so I can buy all the stamps, flowers and my dream Endless Love alpha dies... Oh, all those eye candies! I was able to buy just a few since I promised myself before going to the party that I would only spend a little and not damage my wallet too much.

Here's what I got from the raffle (overlay) and the exchange gift (UHU, bottle of buttons and fabric from Jeannie)

and the contents of my shopping basket...

It's my first EB with the members of SE but most of them I met already at the Scrappin' Moms Scrapfest. There I met the very creative Candy Lagazon and Rachelle Tolentino. They were our seatmates. And then there was Liaa whom we had a short cab ride with. (Thanks for the wonderful company ladies!)

I came to the party with my little boy Wax who, I felt, had a great time too. He was my shopping partner :D and I can see that he will be my future scrapping buddy too. He chose the frog papers I got from Mitch of Visual Creations and asked me to by the corner punch from Jane of Rekindled Moments.

It was too bad we had to go ahead of the others (and missed to group photo-op). Wax wanted to leave and see his daddy who as Wax puts it "is already waiting for us at home". I hope to attend another party or EB soon!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

RAK our World!

Initially, when Lee announced that a very generous scrapper is brewing up a RAK for PS, I was really excited to join. But when scrappers started sending out invites to take a peek into their scrapping stash - I got intimidated. All the while I thought I have a lot... Everyone seemed to have a whole room filled with juicy eye candies, while I on the other hand, have but a single plastic case to stack all my stuff. Nahiya talaga ako!

But anyway, here is a sneak peek of my scrapping stash... For those who shared pictures of their stuff, thank you! I enjoyed viewing all your "abubots" and I now know what I have to save up for! And to Marj, you are one very generous lady... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for RAKing up our world!

What a productive weekend!

In my last post, I was ranting about not having been able to finish any LO for a looong time. Last weekend I was able to make time for scrapping!!! and I was able to finish 2 1/2 LOs. That half still needs a title and journalling but then it's still an accomplishment. I have yet to take pictures of the LOs and post it here - I'll work on that this coming weekend, promise!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How I Wish!

I haven't had the chance to finish a layout for a couple of months now, not even touch my stuff! This is what happens when (1) you leave late for work thus arrive home late (2) you don't have your own space to scrap where you can leave everything "as is where is" (3) when you have a household to run (4) you have a very hyper, persistent 3 yo son who wants your full attention and (5) you have a husband who wants you to do something else than scrap.

When I look at all the LOs of other scrapbook designers, i almost literally droooooool with envy! Well, at least I have my office breaks to browse through some designers' blogs and feast my eyes on very lovely LOs. With that I can say I am not really out of the circulation! At least I get a dose of updates about the scrapping world everyday.

By the way, I finally have alpha dies for my bigkick. I got 2 from April - Sizzlits Original Font and the Cuttlebug Harmony. I also bought 2 sets of alpha foam stamps from Ria - MM Gabby and Mixed Fonts. I seem to be buying stuff every now and then but haven't found the time to use them. Talk about hoarding!

Well, my only wish it to be able to use them soooooon! This weekend maybe? Oh, God only knows!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

11th Year

Last October 21st marked our 11th year of being together. We don't celebrate it like we used to. Actually, we don't celebrate it at all. I just reminded him of the date, we greated each other with "Happy Anniversary" and gave a small sweet smack.

Oh, how I miss the "old days"... having to eat a hearty meal, watch a movie and just spend the day together. Times have changed indeed... spend the day at home and think of it as an ordinary day. When I think about it, it actually doesn't matter that much if we do celebrate it or not. What matters most is we were able to spend another year of triuphms and failures, health and sickness, laughters and tears TOGETHER.

There are things that I am certain that didn't change. Our love and respect for each other. But come to think of it, it does have some changes too. Our love is stronger and more intense and the respect grew more. Plus the bond that ties us together, i believe, is greater than ever.

To Jimmy, I would like to let you know that no matter how we spend our anniversary, my love and respect for you will never fade. And as long as we are together, nothing and no one can ever change how I feel about you and our relationship. No words could express how thankful I am that God chose me to be with you. I love you and will always will!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I think I am about to give up hope... on losing weight, that is. Jim and I started going to the gym in September (thanks to my sister's corp acct). and after a couple of weeks, I gained instead of lost. Bakit kaya? Tinanong ko pa, e, alam ko naman ang sagot! Discipline. Yes, discipline. I lack it. and I lack it big time! I have to watch what I eat. I have to get enough sleep. I have to drink a lot of water. What else? Hmmmm...

Starting today, I will try to stay away from temptations. I will try to commit to just eating a cup of rice, drink at least 8 glasses of water and sleep early. I know these are not enough to lose some weight. But this is a great way to jump start the process.

Oh and one more thing, I will have to believe that I can do it, even if it takes a couple of years.

The Sweetest Kiss

What is the sweetest kiss?

Lately, my little boy got the habit of kissing me on my chin. I am just wondering, with my big, o big, face, why the chin? Is it because I have a couple of layers of it? But anywhere he plants it, as long as he does, I will be toooo happy to recieve that sweetest kiss....

Friday, August 24, 2007

Scrapbook Pages

In my first entry, I wrote about the new hobby I am very much into - scrapbooking. I already have 3 albums of finished pages. The first scrapbook album I made was of our little boy's pictures. The next was of my first travel outside of the country and the other one are random pictures I want to preserve.

I would like to share a couple of the random scrapbook pages I have made for the past couple of months. (1) Man of the House (2) Little Big Boy (3) Run with the Wave (4) Cobra Team (the team that I belong to at work)...

Friday, July 13, 2007

That Darn Dream!

Most of us must have heard of this from our not so young elders - having a dream that a tooth falls off is really bad, a sign (daw!) that someone you love - a relative or friend - will die... Well, this really is giving me the creeps and it didn't help that today is Friday the 13th! I'm not saying that I believe this.

You know, a few days before my grandfather died, I had a dream that two of my teeth broke. I believe that was just a coinsidence. So just to see if there are other meanings to this dream, I looked it up in the internet. Here is what it says in:

1. (
Normally an unfavorable sign in a dream. It signifies displeasure and also shows that you are afraid of losing someone dear to you.

2. (
Teeth, falling out: Spiritual tragedy, diseases.

3. (
Teeth Dreams
Dreaming about teeth is very common in all cultures and age groups. Most dreams about teeth leave people feeling uneasy and anxious. Consider the overall content and context of the dream and note if you are having dental problems before making interpretation. Teeth usually symbolise power and/or control. Animals use their teeth for defence and nourishment and show their teeth when they are angry. Humans often display similar behaviours. Look and see if you are losing or abusing power and control in any area of your life (especially if you are losing teeth in your dream). Old dream interpretations say that dreaming about teeth is a bad omen that suggests financial difficulties.

The common meaning I found from my "research" is all about difficulties (financial and spiritual) and tragedy. That last thing makes me feel uncomfortable... I don't like that word - very negative!

Well guys, (and I am telling this to myself too...), the best thing to do is to pray to God that nothing bad will happen... and that this dream is just that - a dream.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sexy Mama Dream

This is the scrapbook layout I submitted for the scrappin' moms May challenge. It was a hit (though I didn't win) I can say becuase most of the people I met during the scrapfest called me Chay - the sexy mama. hahaha

These are pictures Sabrina (my office friend) took of me posing at shop windows with sexy stuff... I would like to think she loved it so much she took so many pictures of me posing and making funny faces!

Friday, June 8, 2007

So much to do, so little time... but then...

There are a thousand things i'd love to do... cook, bake, learn to drive and swim, take singing and dancing lessons, work on my beading (accessories) and scrapbooking (until my eyes and hands hurt), go to the gym, play badminton regularly, try to home-school my little big boy... oh, that's just to name a few!

Reality? I have to spend my time on a day job, bond with Wax when I get home (till i tuck him to bed) and then catch up with the "other" man in my life (till I tuck him to bed too!). You see, I have my hands full already... but I am not going to complain.

...One time I passed by the old man digging the foul-smelling trash for food, little children begging for some spare change, and a lady sleeping on the pavement... I just couldn't stop thanking God that I have a day job that would keep me from digging in the trash for food and that I have a home where my hubby and son are waiting for me.
This IS the perferct life for me (not counting in the financial aspect of course). And if ever I get to do some of the things I wrote above, let's just say it's a big big bonus.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

10 Things I Want to Do before I turn 40

There are still a lot of things I'd like to do before I turn 30. but since that would be just a few months from now - 6 months to be exact, I thought of just making a list of the things I want to do before I turn 40.
Here they are...

1. Learn how to drive (my own car - a Hummer perhaps?)
2. Honeymoon in Dakak
3. Learn how to swim
4. Relax in Boracay
5. See the reefs in Batangas or Dumaguete
6. Create a winning scrapbook layout
7. Vacation in Paris
8. Live in the US
9. Take a cruise around Asia
10. Have another baby (girl)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Seriously Now

I am on a diet...

Yes! You read it right. Well, actually, I am trying to. For those of you who know me or at least have seen me... you might be asking - "why only now?". Me, too! I have been asking myself that question for a couple of days now and honestly, I don't know how or what to answer...

Reasons? Uhmmm... it'll probably be better to list them down...

1. The heel of my right foot is really getting painful... screaming at me that I am soooo heavy! hahaha

2. I am tired of going (a hundred times) around the plus size section of department stores and still not find anything that fits me well.

3. My tummy is bigger that my upper-bumpers! waaaahhh...

4. Bigger clothes are expensive.

5. 90% of the clothes from bazaars are not for me - let me know if you find a store that sells XXL blouses...

6. I'd like to wear (at least) a tank top when at the beach

7. I'd love to wear shorts when doing my grocery shopping... (I still don't have the guts to do this)

8. It would be great to hear my son say "mommy, you're sexy!"

9. I want Jimmy to be more proud of me

and last...

10. I want the dream of being a true SEXY MAMA be a reality! :D

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Me and my "crafts"

Over the years I have been into a lot of crafts and collections. You name it, i must have, in one way or another, tried it.

Elementary was stationery and stickers stage. I can still remember those days I would ask my Mom to buy me statio from the bookstore or specialty store. The regular swap days with friends was something I look forward to every week.

High school was for coins/bills and stamps. I was into this for a short time only and had to give the coins to my Dad when I found out how expensive the old coins were. I used to check each coin I get from store change or from my daily "baon" to see if I have that coin in my collection already. Today I sill have a handful of those big and heavy one peso coin, a two-peso bill, the green bagong lipunan five peso bill and the ten peso bill.

College was cross stitch years. The first pattern I completed was a coaster sized candy cane design. I have done a couple of religious figures, a ballerina and a huge princess-like lady design. Graduation year forced me to stop in mid design an angel pattern called Angel of Hope. Up until now the angel hasn't given up hope that some day I find time to complete her and hang her in a beautiful frame in my small apartment.

A few years back was beading and accessory-making. This was the best craft I got into until I accidentally dropped by the scrapbooking world! This was the craft that was a hobby and a business all-in-one thing. My hubby and I was able to buy our (then-dream) Pioneer home theater system! I started designing for family as gifts and for personal use but when my MIL saw what I had created, she asked me to make a few bracelets so she could try offering to fellow teachers. I have to thank my aunt who taught me how to clamp the ends and the difference between a crab lock and lobster lock. I also have my MIL and SIL to thank for, for they are my "retailers". My MIL sold to teachers in the province and my SIL to customers in the pharmacy she's working for. Beading might not be the best for me but it certainly is my most loved craft.

And just last year I started scrapbooking. My current flame! This is something of an accidental craft... The building where our office is located held regular bazaars during holiday season. While going around the bazaar, at the far end of the site was a small nook filled with scrapping materials. I was just looking at the cute embellies and the lady named Iris (Yes! It's Iris of Scrapbukan!) showed me her layouts... I was smitten by her designs but turned off by the expensive materials that were in front of me. So I shrugged of the thought of trying the craft. After a few weeks the building offered a 2-hour session for scrapbooking. And guess who the facilitator was... yes! it's Iris again. She's really one artistic (and beautiful) lady. After that session let's just say the rest is history....

Well that's my craft story... I am just wondering what's the next craft I'll get into...