Thursday, June 5, 2008

Work at Last!

Finally, after more than three months of waiting, I have work at last! Yes, you read that right! Finally, after so many resume reviews, submissions, vendor calls and a handful of client interviews, I got an assignment. Thanks to my friend Anne, who "forced" her team lead to consider me. I am now in Harrisburg, PA working on a project for the Department of State. Though it's just a short-term (3-month) assignment, I am still so happy I got it. I just hope I'll be able to perform well, for them to keep me for the next three months - and not boot me out of the project or have me shipped back to the 385 guesthouse in NJ, which I dread the most. :)

My first day was a bit boring and a little frustrating. I guess, maybe because I was just reading through stored procedures. But every bit of that feeling changed on my second day. I got my first task - well, technically, it was a list of tasks. I was going to make dynamic stored procedures for the application's reports. I completed this task an hour before we left the office this afternoon. I know tomorrow won't be dragging because they're giving me a new task. A task more challenging than the first one.

Well, can't wait for friday to come. I'm so excited to go back to my family in New York and spend the weekend with them. And tell them how my first week was at work.

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Lee i. said...

Hi Chay. Good luck with your new job. Ingat.