Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Updates

It's been ages since I posted something here. That's because for the past seven months I have only made 4 scrap pages, 1 a few weeks after I got here and 3 just a few weeks ago... huhuhu... Let's just say I was on rehab for my scrap addiction - partially that is. Though I have only made 4 LOs, I have not really stopped my "addiction" to scrap stuff. Whenever I pass by a Michael's or Joann's store, I would definitely stop and look (and eventually buy!) some of the items they have on sale which are mostly printed papers and tools.

Part of my scrapping materials were left in a box in my mom's home, collecting dust, waiting to be shipped here. I was not able to bring all of them - with the baggage weight limit and all. What's sad is, the stuff that I left were the heavy ones - scissors, bigkick, dies, papers, paints... This is not an excuse not to scrap though. Anyhow, last Friday, Sizzix had a two-day sale. They offered further discounts on already marked down items. This made my head roll and good ol' self control lost her power (again!). I bought their pink sidekick and some dies. Sixty dollars poorer but 100% happy!

Why I haven't had time to scrap? Well, I was on a project until the end of August in Harrisburg, PA. This is 3 hours away by car from New York (where my hubby and son are staying). About 4.5 hours by train and 6.5 hours by bus - if there are no delays. I go home to NY every weekend leaving Harrisburg on Friday nights and coming back Sunday nights. I spend the almost-2 days bonding with family, making up for the week that I was away. I just take a glimpse of my scrap stuff to make sure my son didn't play with them but never made any LO. Now that I am on bench, I am a hands-on mom... no yaya here :'( This gives me very little time for scrapping.

I recently bought a book on digital scrapbooking. I figured this is a good alternative for me since I couldn't bring along all my stuff when I travel. I have made my first scrap page. It was fun but I still have a lot to learn. As of now I still enjoy traditional scrapbooking more.

I'll post the pictures of the pages I have created and some of the stuff I bought on my next post. I still have to move them to the computer. Till next update...

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